About Us

Who we are!

 Next Level American Bulldogs is a family run kennel which produces puppies from championship bloodlines.  All of our puppies are registered and we keep them up to date on their vaccinations until the day they are sold.   We believe giving individual attention to all of our puppies and adult dogs helps to get them ready for their future and forever homes.  

  Our stud, Cockman's Brutus of DHAB, is definatley a competitor when  considering a Sire for your Dam.  He has a caring personality who is a protector for all that he loves.  He is son of ABRA CH. Boyd's/Sharp's Clockwork Oranje who is a multi champion in the Bulldog Arena.   

Health Guarantee

Our Dogs are sold with a Health Guarentee 

email info@nextlevelamericanbulldogs.com to receive a copy of our 1 year Health Guarantee.


The American Bulldog is reliable. loyal, brave and strong willed. Not a hostile dog. Self-confident and alert, this breed truly loves children. They are known for acts of heroism toward their master. They have strong protective instincts, and needs a firm, confident, consistent pack leader. Well-socialize and obedience train them at an early age, to prevent them from becoming reserved with strangers. Without that strong-minded pack leader who can tell the dog what is expected of it, it may be aggressive with other dogs. They need to be around people and know their place in their pack to be truly happy. This breed tends to drool and slobber. Without enough daily mental and physical exercise they will become high strung and may become hard to handle.